Biasiswa Khazanah Lestari Scholarship

The Khazanah Lestari Scholarship Programme is established to further fulfill the talent gap in the country in a more holistic manner by providing myriad opportunities to those wanting to pursue academic and executive enrichment programmes on sustainability development and ensuring the needs for future of works is addressed accordingly.

This Programme is only open to Malaysian Degree holders who wish to pursue their Masters Programme and have obtained admission to pursue studies at approved universities based on the Top 50 universities globally on QS ranking.

1. Applicants must be Malaysian.
2. Applicants must not exceed 60 years of age at the enrolment date for the Master’s Degree.
3. The applicant must possess at least two years of relevant professional experience in the related areas and be committed to society for example, active participation in the student council, youth work, participation in associations and NGO that are appropriate.
4. Apart from academic performance, the recipients will be chosen based on their extracurricular activities and leadership qualities.
5. Prospective awardees are expected to show a strong interest in the development related issues, which is supposed to be reflected in the choice of study fields, prior work experience, voluntary activities.
6. Some of the fields of subject comprises – Community Development, Sustainable Development, Health Community Development Studies, Natural Resource Management, Natural Resources Law, Social Justice, Poverty Reduction, Migration, Gender Studies, Climate Change, Food Security, Renewable Energy, Environment, Urbanisation, Health, Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, International Relations, Governance, and more.

Close Date : 18th April 2022 | Apply Now!!


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