Biasiswa Yayasan Bursa Malaysia Scholarship

Bursa Malaysia is committed in its efforts to be a leading marketplace in Asia. Parallel with this pursuit of growth is their deep-rooted belief to contribute towards the betterment of the community. This scholarship is an extension of that belief and they invite you to be part of their success story.

Yayasan Bursa Malaysia (YBM) Scholarship

The well-being of our nation depends on how we nurture the young. At Bursa Malaysia, we believe in providing opportunities for individuals to strive towards excellence. Since 2006, YBM has been providing full scholarships for students from underprivileged backgrounds to pursue undergraduate courses at seven local public universities with the following criteria: -Individual under 22 years of age -Family household income of less than RM5,000 -Priority given to Law, Finance, Accountancy and Economics majors

Application’s now open!

Closing Date: 29 September 2022

YBM – MyPAC Scholarship

The YBM-MyPAC Scholarship is open to underprivileged individuals, to pursue a two-year post-graduate ACCA professional accountancy qualification, full time. The accountancy profession is an attractive option that not only offers excellent career opportunities but also financial rewards to help elevate living standards through professional education.

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